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The perfect Body Lotion – at any time
The unique and vitalising extract from the desert plant  Myrothamnus, as well as the natural and eudermic jojoba oil, give long lasting moisture, make the skin smooth and improve its tonicity.
MyroLotion is produced with high quality natural products under GMP-conditions. Only pure essential oils are used as perfume components.

Vitality from Myrothamnus
Myrothamnus is an astonishing plant. It survives long  drought without harm. Osmoprotective substances shelter it. The plant reactivates its desiccated cells with only a little water and awakes to a new life.
The tips of the Myrothamnus twigs are harvested by hand and the protective substances are removed by a gentle extraction method. In this way the substances  keep hold of their vitalising power.

Traceable vitality
The potential of MyroLotion is demonstrated by the Myrothamnus plant itself. A dry sprig, put in some water, reopens its leaves within few hours turning a lovely green.
Myro Ltd. has developed several products based on the dry plant twig (see MyroPresents) and offers a unique advertising opportunity.

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