Myrothamnus - FAQ

How many times will the twig of Myrothamnus become green?
The twig of Myrothamnus becomes green once again and will remain green for one too two weeks.

How can the life span of the twig be prolonged?
The twig of Myrothamnus can be treated as a cut flower. Cutting the edge of the stick and adding fresh water after two days prolong its life span. Low temperature and high air humidity have a positive effect too.

How fast gets the twig of Myrothamnus green?
The time until the twig is green depends strongly from the ambient temperature and the air humidity. In summer, when the temperature is 30°C and the air humidity is high, than the transformation takes only 12 – 15 hours. In winter time, when the room temperature is 20°C and the air humidity is low, than the transformation takes about 24 hours.

Is Myrothamnus a protected or endangered plant?
Myrothamnus is neither a protected nor an endangered plant. Myrothamnus grows over a large area from Kenya to South Africa often in large populations. Myro Ltd. cultivates its own Myrothamnus-Plants in cooperation with African partners under fair-trade conditions.

The leaves of Myrothamnus have an aromatic smell. Can they be used as tea?
Traditional healers propose a tea of Myrothamnus for treating respiratory disease.

Are entire plants of Myrothamnus sold?
At the moment entire plants are not sold, but we work intensively at its propagation.