MyroStar - FAQ

How much water does MyroStar need?
To activate MyroStar, fill the planter with water to approx. 1 cm below the top rim of the pot. The soil will soak up the water. After one day remove the water left in the planter. This humidity is normally sufficient for the first week.
The continuation of the culture of MyroStar corresponds to a normal indoor plant. As soon as the soil is dry and the leaves start to become weak, add water so that the soil is completely wet and a little bit of water remains in the lower part of the planter. If possible use soft water (rain water). MyroStar can be exposed to rain if the temperature is above 12°C.
Avoid leaving the soil sodden for several days.

Can MyroStar wither?
In times of water shortage the leaves shrink and dry out. But the dry leaves are not dead. They are in a quiescent state and will revitalize with water.

What is a favorite location for MyroStar
MyroStar thrives best in a light, sunny position. Protect from drafts.
Temperatures of 20-25°C are favorable during activation of MyroStar. Well developed plants easily support lower temperatures down to 12°C.

Does MyroStar need a quiescent state?
In its natural location MyroStar passes several times a year through the cycle of desiccation and revival.
In cultivation, MyroStar can grow all over the year without a quiescent state. Since the plant prefers a sunny position, it is favorable to let the plant pass the winter in a dry state.

How old does MyroStar become?
MyroStar is a perennial plant. With good conditions the plant will bloom again for several years.

How does MyroStar proliferate?

Older plants tiller. But the separation of the offshoots is difficult and is not recommended. From time to time mature seeds are produced, which can be sown.

How does MyroStar overwinter?
MyroStar overwinters best in a dry state. In the dry state it does not matter if the storage place is bright or in the dark. Even temperatures of minus 5°C are no problem. Important is complete dryness.If a sunny position (winter garden) is available, MyroStar may remain green all year at temperatures above 12°C.

Can MyroStar overwinter outdoor?
MyroStar is not hardy. The green leaves are not frost resistant.

How is MyroStar fertilized?
During the growth phase, a commercial fertilizer for flowers can be used in normal concentration.

How long does MyroStar bloom?
MyroStar blooms all through the summer. New flowers are formed in the axilla of new leaves.

What is the origin of MyroStar?
The plants are cultivated in Switzerland.
The original locations of MyroStar are arid zones of Africa.

Myrothamnus - FAQ

How many times will the twig of Myrothamnus become green?
The twig of Myrothamnus becomes green once again and will remain green for one too two weeks.

How can the life span of the twig be prolonged?
The twig of Myrothamnus can be treated as a cut flower. Cutting the edge of the stick and adding fresh water after two days prolong its life span. Low temperature and high air humidity have a positive effect too.

How fast gets the twig of Myrothamnus green?
The time until the twig is green depends strongly from the ambient temperature and the air humidity. In summer, when the temperature is 30°C and the air humidity is high, than the transformation takes only 12 – 15 hours. In winter time, when the room temperature is 20°C and the air humidity is low, than the transformation takes about 24 hours.

Is Myrothamnus a protected or endangered plant?
Myrothamnus is neither a protected nor an endangered plant. Myrothamnus grows over a large area from Kenya to South Africa often in large populations. Myro Ltd. cultivates its own Myrothamnus-Plants in cooperation with African partners under fair-trade conditions.

The leaves of Myrothamnus have an aromatic smell. Can they be used as tea?
Traditional healers propose a tea of Myrothamnus for treating respiratory disease.

Are entire plants of Myrothamnus sold?
At the moment entire plants are not sold, but we work intensively at its propagation.