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A nature experience of a special kind
MyroStar is a plant jewel with extraordinary capacities. In times of water shortage the plant dries out without suffering damages. Its leaves shrink to a fraction of the initial size and get inconspicuous. In this state it can survive long periods of drought. When the first rains come the plant awakes to new live within a few hours. Its rolled up leaves are filled with fresh vitality, roll out and turn green again. MyroStar is a real resurrection plant. Some days later the first flowers appear. An impressive flowerage starts.

MyroStar is able to pass through the cycle of desiccation and revival several times
Therefore it is also suited for people which often forget watering their plants or which are absent for longer periods. MyroStar will simply enter the dry state and can be reactivated with water whenever desired.
As resurrection plant, MyroStar has a great affinity to Easter, the festival of resurrection.

Produkt myroSTAR

Origins of MyroStar
MyroStar is indigenous to Africa. It mainly grows at altitudes of 1’000 to 2’000 m in shallow pits with poor soil, where water accumulates during rainy seasons. The plant is adapted to extreme conditions and thrives fully exposed to the sun as well as in semishade.

Tips for care
MyroStar thrives best in a light, sunny position. After the last frost, it can be placed outside. During summer it grows and flowers luxuriously. MyroStar responds well to being watered and fertilized. In autumn let the plant go into the dry state. To do this MyroStar is placed in a dry, sunny position and no more water is given. In this condition MyroStar will successfully overwinter and can be reactivated with water. A high humidity develops in the delivered miniature greenhouse, which is optimum for quickly reactivating the plant.

Dry miraculous flower, miniaturized greenhouse (consisting of a planter and a transparent cover) and cultivation instructions.
Box size: 9 x 9 x 12.5 cm
Unit size: 20 pieces

Produkt myroSTAR