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Longing for spring?
With MyroSpeed, spring starts all over the year. As soon as you add water, you can watch how a dry sprig of the plant Myrothamnus awakens to new life and turns green in a matter of hours.
You can already see the first changes after just a few minutes. The tiny side branches extend outwards from the main twig. Two hours later, the actual spring awakening begins as one by one the leaves open out, starting at the bottom. After some hours, the whole sprig is decked in fresh green leaves and remains fresh for several days. It has awakened in record time from a hibernation of several months.

The gift for every situation
MyroSpeed is the ideal gift
- for spontaneous occasions
- for people having already seen «everything»
- for people who like to be astonished
- for the nature lover
- for inquiring children

The experience of this fascinating phenomenon will have a long lasting afterglow.

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